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ND Enhance Aesthetics Logo in Tamworth and Heage.
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Welcome to Natalie Dayman Aesthetics in Tamworth and Heage

Updated: Nov 23, 2023


Natalie Dayman Enhance Aesthetics

Hello and welcome to ND Enhance Aesthetics, so if your reading this, my new website and logo have finally been launched!!

And to complement this I am aiming to do weekly blogs regarding tweakments, skincare, latest trends & aesthetic news...........bear with me though as this is absolutely NEW to me.......but you can put your mind to anything.....right?


So a little bit about me...... I'm Natalie the sole practitioner of ND Enhance Ltd. I qualified as a midwife in 1997 and commenced my aesthetics journey in 2017, forming ND Enhance Ltd (how I got into aesthetics will be featured in a later blog).

Natalie Dayman Enhance Aesthetics

It soon became apparent that it would benefit my patients & myself if I became a non medical prescriber so off I went back to university for the seventh time! This being the most intense course I have ever undertaken but YAY I passed! So now for every consultation, treatment & review its just me you see throughout your treatment journey.


My clinic in Tamworth is SaveFace registered, which is highly important to be to be regulated in the unregulated world of aesthetics in the UK.

It’s a very clinical home based clinic, my patients love the fact it is private & discreet and they are unlikely to bump into anybody they know, this being super important to some of my patients. My clinic in Heage, Derbyshire is located in an upstairs treatment room in the luxurious setting of Lilly-Ju Hair and where I feel part of the fantastic team.

My aim with these blogs is to keep you informed so please let me know any topics you would like me to cover and any feedback on my new website would be gratefully received.



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