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Botox®️ ban on advertising

Updated: Apr 24

It was only last week that a patient recommended me to a friend for

anti-wrinkle treatment. Her friends reply was

Man getting botox
Man getting botox

"But she never posts any before/after pictures on Instagram"

There is a very good reason for this……. As a prescription only medicine (POM) it is illegal to advertise or promote or incentivise to the public on social media. This includes:

  • Using before & after photographs

  • Referring to any of the botulinum toxin brands such as Botox, Azzalure, Bocouture, Letybo, Alluziance

  • Actively promoting the treatment with offers

  • Advertising Botox®️ parties

  • Using terms such as wrinkle relaxing injections, anti wrinkle injections, forehead smoothing injections etc

And yes you probably wouldn't know this was unlawful because if like me you see daily posts. If you want to read more on this, here's the regulation


Numerous clinics have already been prosecuted and I guess more will follow with the beginning of licensing & regulation (about time!!). And yes, I do find it frustrating when I see so many posts & offers blatantly ignoring this legislation.

But, as for me, I stay in my own lane, protect my very precious NMC pin and maintain a sense of professionalism.


If you are interested in a consultation for any anti-wrinkle treatments then please book here

Natalie Dayman aesthetic clinic booking
Natalie Dayman aesthetic clinic booking



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