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Anti-ageing skincare- Vitamin C, retinol & SPF…what you need to know!

So when I first embarked on my aesthetics journey 7 years ago, I jumped straight to injectables before getting interested in everything skin. After much training, conferences & experience I now know skin quality is the foundation for all treatments emphasising skin health & rejuvenation. You can have as many injectables as you like but your results wont be optimum without medical grade skincare. In the quest for healthy and radiant skin, a powerful trio has emerged Vitamin C, Retinol and SPF


Illustration of young skin versus old skin

So what do I mean by anti-ageing skincare……. Well for starters I do not like the term anti-ageing……it portrays that getting older is seen as undesirable and not a privilege filled with experience, wisdom & memories. My patient demographic is predominantly 40years+ and I prefer to embrace the term skin changes!!

Skin changes over time is complex & influenced by various factors

  • Decline in collagen & elastin

  • Exposure to UVA & UVB

  • Skin cells divide more slowly

  • Genetic factors

  • Lifestyle-smoking,alcohol, diet

  • Environmental pollutants

Collectively these elements contribute to the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles, pigment, enlarged pores, sun damage and uneven skin tone.


Obagi skincare logo

So what can we do to address these skin changes & where do you get advice when everyone out there is claiming to be an expert?

When seeking advice on skincare it’s crucial to rely on credible sources such as licensed skincare professionals, dermatologists and reputable scientific studies.

AND IF YOU WANT RESULTS choose a medical grade brand, these contain potent, active ingredients in clinically proven formulations, some of products being prescription only due to their strength & ingredients. These cannot be bought over the counter whilst out shopping, here at ND Enhance we stock Obagi products as we believe them to be the best on the market. However I can advise you about other appropriate brands that are medically led


Ideally it’s best to start with a good skincare regime from an early age but like anything we tend to start to care when we start to notice changes. So here’s the 3 optimum products that you need to add

Vitamin C

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is the skin care ingredient to know!

It’s a powerful & potent anti-oxident with a magnitude of benefits from its ability to minimise signs of ageing, reducing inflammation, fighting free radicals, boosting collagen and generally leaves skin looking brighter, healthier & smoother.

We can’t produce vitamin C but Obagi Professional C is 20 times more potent, when applied topically compared to any oral intake.

Vitamin C helps to exfoliate away dead skin cells from your skins surface, benefits include

  • Brighter skin- by exfoliating the skin vitamin c helps to brighten your complexion for a fresh, healthy, youthful glow

  • Retains moisture-Vitamin C helps to boost moisture & to lock it in when used in combination with a moisturiser

  • Reduces lines/wrinkles- Vitamin C is packed with antioxidants needed for your skin to renew itself, it helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother looking skin. Vitamin C promotes collagen production in the skin, which can naturally decrease as you age. By applying vitamin C to stimulate a collagen boost, your skin retains elasticity and is less likely to wrinkle. 

  • Reduces Pigmentation - Thanks to its skin brightening benefits, Vitamin C also helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, such as dark spots and prevents them getting worse

  • Protects Skin- Because it is a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C has been proven to prevent or reduce damage to skin cells by neutralising free radicals – AKA harmful molecules in the air that damage your skin cells. Vitamin C also enhances the effects of your SPF and fights against UV damage, thanks to its photo-protective qualities.


Vitamin C should be used in your morning routine after cleansing & toning.

Apply 5-7 drops of the vitamin C serum to the face, neck & chest using your fingertips.

Follow with moisturiser & SPF



Retinol cream

Retinol is deemed the holy grail of skincare……why is that?

Retinol has been proven to help reverse the signs of ageing. Retinol can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, pores and skin blemishes.

Retinol speeds up the natural turnover of skin cells, which usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks. Dull and more pigmented superficial skin cells renew more quickly, bringing new skin cells to the surface for a more even, brighter, smoother and healthy looking complexion.

Although retinol has plenty of benefits, it is often introduced slowly to reduce irritation. Retinoids can cause skin to become dry whilst your skin builds up tolerance to the ingredient. Applying Retinol once or twice week at night, then building gradually as recommended by your skincare professional will give you optimal results.

Obagi retinol also includes hydrating Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to keep your skin thoroughly hydrated and soothed, and the entrapped Retinol is gradually released to help minimise any possible irritation.


Applying Retinol once or twice week at NIGHT, then building gradually as recommended by your skincare professional will give you optimal results.

Use Retinol after cleansing and toning the skin and smooth a pea-sized amount onto your face and neck until fully absorbed. Leave out Retinol in your morning routine, but always apply a generous amount of SPF to protect your new skin cells which can be particularly sensitive to sunlight. 



Radiation from the sun can also lead to a number of different skin concerns, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Rough, uneven skin

  • Skin blotches and uneven tone

  • Hyperpigmentation, dark spots or sun spots

  • Sallowness

And its not only the sun that causes concern, blue light from computers, laptops & mobile phones can cause inflammation, pigment changes and damage to your skins collagen.

There is a way to protect against all these harmful rays and avoid premature ageing.

Physical and/or chemical ingredients provide broad-spectrum protection for all skin types.

Obagi Sunscreens provide UVA, UVB, and some provide additional Infrared Radiation protection, to reduce the signs of skin ageing and keep your skin looking healthy.

Zinc Oxide works as a protective barrier as it reflects and physically blocks light. Zinc Oxide is one of the key ingredients in Obagi Sun Shield SPF50, so your skin stays protected all day!

We can’t stress enough, you really should wear SPF all year round and have it as part of your everyday skincare routine to maximise protection, even in colder seasons. UV rays are emitted even on a cloudy day. Not only do they penetrate clouds, they can also reach below the water’s surface. Reflective surfaces such as snow and ice intensify UVB rays and their effects on the skin



Incorporating Vitamin C, retinol and SPF into your skincare routine creates a potent synergy, promoting healthy, radiant skin. Remember, consistency is key. Embrace this trio and let you skin glow with vitality.

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